Road Construction

Eagle Heights Drive Reconstruction

Beginning Monday, June 26, 2017 a contractor, Tri County Paving, will begin work on Eagle Heights Drive. Because of the cost of the project, this is a State-run project, but we will keep you informed as to the work happening. Eagle Heights Drive will be one way- west bound for the duration of the project. Please plan accordingly. You will always need to follow the bus route through the community to travel on Eagle Heights Drive until the road is done. The contractors will be setting the traffic control barrels out Monday and closing the north side of the roadway. They will begin with work on the curb and gutters that will be replaced- they hope to complete all the north side curb work next week.

Bus riders:

  • The bus is now back in the north side lane making all its normal stops.  This will switch back to the south side lane when the final layer of asphalt is done in the north lane.
  • Other traffic will have to wait for people to exit and enter the bus- there will be no room to pass the bus.
  • On paving days, avoid crossing the new asphalt until it has cooled.

Other vehicle Drivers:

  • You must follow the one way roadway.
  • All driveways to parking lots will be accessible - although at times they will also only have one lane.
  • There will be no street parking on Eagle Heights Drive until the project is completed.
  • Bikers will be using the same lane going with traffic or up on sidewalks and pathways, so please watch for bicycles. Bicycles should not ride against traffic in the one lane roadway.
  • No paid parking stalls on Eagle Heights Drive by the 900s and 500s will be available during road work on the north side of the road. We have temporarily created the same number of paid parking stalls in the 500s and 900s with visitor stalls.

Pedestrian Traffic:

  • Sidewalks should remain accessible throughout the project.
  • Please be careful around the heavy equipment. Children are welcome to watch, but from a safe distance.

If you are Moving In or Out Between June 25 and Mid-August (and live along Eagle Heights Drive):

  • You can plan to park your moving vehicle/storage pod in your assigned stall.
  • Visitor Stalls can also be used for up to 48 hours for moving trucks if they fit in the stall.
  • If you have a truck that won't fit in a regular parking stall, please contact the Apartment Facilities office in advance to get a map of where you can park.

Project Timeline

The purpose of this project is to resurface the entire roadway of Eagle Heights Drive. Work hours will generally be from 8am to 6pm. They may start earlier and go later on paving days to complete the work in one day and work in the coolest part of the day. The tentative schedule is as follows:

  • June 25-30: Replace concrete curb on north side of the road
  • July 3-7: Remove asphalt from north half of roadway and add any needed material
  • July 10-14: Add in last fine base layer and pave north lane (tentatively scheduled for July 12th)
  • July 17-21: Switch driving to new north lane and begin concrete curb replacements on the south side
  • July 24-28: Remove asphalt from south half of roadway and add any needed material
  • July 31-August 4: Add in last fine base layer and pave south lane (tentatively scheduled for August 1st). Add in concrete speed humps.
  • August 7-11: Mark pavement and perform site restoration. Open roadway.

Update 7/28/17: Frequent heavy rains have delayed the project by a few days, so this project may extend into the third week of August.

As with any outdoor project, weather will affect the schedule, so we will send out weekly updates to let you know what to expect for the upcoming week.

Please be patient and plan extra travel time for all modes of travel in the area. The end result will be a MUCH better surface for all users!

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Apartment Facilities Office at 262-2037. We will provide weekly updates to the project by email to residents and post them here.

Weekly Project Updates: