Lakeshore Utility Project

Phase One: May 2015 – November 2015
Phase Two: May 2016 – November 2016

Construction Update
When residents arrive in fall 2016, there will be some ongoing utility work with this project which is expected to finish by November 2016. Some areas will be fenced off, but all exits and most pathways will remain accessible for residents. Construction hours will be limited, and we expect no major interruptions in service, so that we can minimize the impact on residents as much as possible.

Campus is working on a significant utility project in the Lakeshore neighborhood that will replace the utilities serving buildings in this area. The current utility lines are far past their life expectancy, and upgrades are needed to ensure efficient, reliable service. The utilities include heating, domestic water, electrical service, and network communications.

Phase one, which involved the western courtyard of Kronshage Residence Hall, was completed in November 2015. Phase two covers the area surrounded by Cole, Sullivan, and Kronshage Residence Halls, west of Frank Holt Center. This second phase begins in summer 2016 and will be completed by November 2016.