Story time at Eagle's Wing

Wait List

If a specific classroom or care schedule desired is not available due to full enrollment, or if a child is not yet age-eligible, parents may place their children on the wait list for that particular classroom or schedule by filling out the online wait list form. Names are removed from the wait list each January, unless a parent renews their waiting list status by calling the Eagle's Wing office.

Families who terminate their contact at the end of a semester but wish to re-enroll after the beginning of the next semester will be placed on the wait list and enrolled as space becomes available. Families may not be allowed to re-enroll if they have a past due account balance, previous payment issues, or have not followed Eagle’s Wing policies and procedures.


The order of the wait list is based on available space and the following priorities:

  1. Currently enrolled families desiring an alternate schedule or classroom
  2. University Apartments residents
  3. Madison community at large 

Enrollment & Orientation

To secure a slot for a child, a contract, enrollment packet, registration fee, and one week of tuition (plus the activity fee, if required) must be sent to the Eagle's Wing office. All fees are non-refundable. All enrollment forms (contract, emergency card, health history and emergency plan, child profile, and family profile) must be completed and received at least four working days prior to a child’s first day in a program. Immunization and health forms must be turned in within 30 days of the start date. Parents are required to visit a classroom with their child prior to a program starting. This provides an opportunity for parents and children to become familiar with teachers, other children, and the classroom.

Family Participation

Eagle’s Wing welcomes observation, interaction, or discussion with teachers by parents at any time (unless access is denied by a court order). Parent participation is strongly encouraged, and may include:

  • Being a Parent Advisory Board member (contact Eagle's Wing office to get involved)
  • Reading a book to the class
  • Sharing cultural music or experiences
  • Joining a field trip
  • Giving a workplace tour
  • Fixing a toy
  • Demonstrating a hobby or special interest

Additional Policies

Please download a copy of our Family Handbook for more information.