Exterior view of Eagle Heights Apartment

University Apartments is committed to providing quality and convenient housing for UW-Madison at reasonable rates that are competitive with the surrounding Madison community and are among the lowest of any Big Ten Conference universities. Rates are reviewed each year and increases are announced in late spring with an effective date of July 1 for Eagle Heights and University Houses and June 1 for Harvey Street. University Apartments residents are provided with at least 60 days notice of new rates.

Neighborhood Apartment Type
Eagle Heights One bedroom $775 $814
Two bedroom $860 $903 
Large two bedroom (with laundry) $980 $1029 
Three bedroom $1009 $1059
Small three bedroom (with laundry) $1009 $1059
Large three bedroom (with laundry) $1123 $1179 
Three bedroom townhouse (with laundry) $1157 $1215 
University Houses One bedroom $986 $1035 
Two bedroom $1144 $1201 
Three bedroom (with laundry) $1236 $1298 
Harvey Street One bedroom  $700 $735 
Two bedroom $900 $945