Pest Control

We work with an outside contractor for pest control needs in University Apartments. We are part of the larger campus contract. We have pest technicians available Monday - Friday. UW-Madison follows integrated pest management practices which means we will use the most environmentally friendly approach to treating each pest possible. We do very little of treatment to the exteriors of building because all our storm water runoff goes to the lake system. Our pest technician or someone from our facilities supervisor team will be happy to explain any treatment to you that you have questions about.

We do reside in the natural areas and therefore you can expect that we will have natural area type pests like spiders, mice, and ants. In some cases, like for lady asian beetles and boxelder bugs, we do not do a chemical treatment but recommend using your vacuum as the best method of dealing with these pests in your home. Please see the chart below for some of our most common pests. 

Pest  Treatment  Action
Pavement Ants  Our pest control contractor treat for ants using a gel bait that is taken back to the nest to kill the colony.   Submit a Maintenance Request
Carpenter Ants  Attracted to moist areas, feed on sugar and protein.   Submit a Maintenance Request
Asian Lady Beetles  The most effective method to deal with these pests in your apartment is to vacuum them up and empty your vacuum cleaner/bag after use  Vacuum  
Carpet Beetles  Can damage carpet and clothing; also found in milled food product like pasta, cereal, and nuts.  Submit a Maintenance Request 
Boxelder Bugs  Do not bite, harmless to property, annoying. Best option for removal is with a vacuum or broom and dustpan.  Vacuum or Sweep them up 
Bed Bugs  Feed on human good. Many people have bite marks, some do not. DO NOT treat with over the counter treatments.   Call Apartment Facilities Office immediately 
Earwigs  Come in for shelter or moisture. Generally feed on plant life, but will eat pantry items as well. Most effectively death with by vacuum or broom and dustpan.  Vacuum or Sweep them up