Maintenance Videos

During your time living in University Apartments, you will likely have maintenance questions or issues. For common maintenance issues that you may feel comfortable handling, please take a look at the chart below to view videos with easy and clear how-to's to guide you through the process of fixing the issue yourself. Click the red title in the "Video" column to view.If you are having problems after troubleshooting, please contact the Resident Manager on Duty or submit a maintenance request.

Troubleshooting Maintenance Issues in Your Apartment

Video What You'll Learn 
Window Locks  Every apartment in our community has window safety pins that allows you to let fresh air in while maintaining apartment security. Learn how to use these pins and keep your windows safe and secure. 
Bathroom Tips  Always use a shower curtain liners to keep excess water from the floor- this helps prevent leaks to your neighbors.  Remove excess moisture by using the vent fan when you shower.   While the vent fan video is from University Houses, Eagle Heights and Harvey Street apartments that have fan control in their apartment should also run the fan during and after showering.  Some Eagle Heights fans are controlled by a timer.
Washing Machines  All apartments come with access to laundry facilities. Learn how to use the washing machines. 
Unclogging Your Toilet   Toilets can get clogged from time to time. Learn how to use a plugger to unclog it. 
Temperature Control  Heating your apartment is controlled by various items in your apartment. Learn how to control the temperature in your home using a thermostat or a radiator value. 
Smoke Detector  Every apartment is equipped with multiple smoke detectors and any apartment with gas stoves or over mechanical rooms has a carbon monoxide detector as well. Learn how to change the battery on your smoke or carbon monoxide detector. 
Shades  Every apartment in Eagle Heights and University Houses has roller shades on the windows. Learn how to maintain your shades and re-roll them if needed. 
Outlets  Are you having issues with your light switches or outlets? Many apartments have a switch right inside the door that operates some of the outlets in the living room so you can turn on the lights as you enter your apartment.
Garbage Disposal  Eagle Heights and Harvey Street apartments have a garbage disposal attached to your kitchen sink. Learn how to operate this feature.
Fire Alarm  In the case of a real fire, pull the fire alarm and call 9-1-1. Learn what to do in the case of a fire.
Electricity Issues  Electric panels are different in our various neighborhoods. Learn how to fix a popped breaker. 
Turning Off Overflowing Water  This video is from University Houses and only that neighborhood has separate keys. In the case of water overflowing from your kitchen/bathroom sink or toilet you will need to use a water key. Learn how to use this key.   In Harvey Street and Eagle Heights there is already a handle in these shut off locations- the video can show you how to shut off the water using the handle.