Renter's Insurance

Neither the University of Wisconsin-Madison nor the Division of University Housing is liable if your property is lost, stolen, or damaged in any way, anywhere on the premises (including storage facilities).

Residents are liable for all damages to their apartment and belongings, and to neighbors' apartments and belongs that occur due to their, or their guests', actions. Renter's Insurance protects you from financial loss if there is a fire, leak, or flood in your apartment.

Most Renter's Insurance policies do not cover protection from flooding unless you specifically request a "rider" or addendum to the policy. Use the chart below for additional information about the buildings you will need for your policy.

Building Notes Eagle Heights Harvey Street University Houses
Structural material of building  Wood frame, brick veneer  Wood frame, brick veneer  Brick/masonry 
Type of roof  Asphalt, pitched shingle  Asphalt, pitched shingle  Tile 
Year built  1950's-60's  1950's  1948 
Remodeled since then?  Yes (1990's)  Yes (2003)  Yes (2015) 
Number of stories  2 or 3 (use the number of your building) 
Number of rooms in apartment  Fill in the correct number of your apartment: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathroom 
Number of apartments under one roof  6, 8, 11, 12, or 18 (use the number of your building)  4, 6, or 8 (use the number of your building)  4 or 6 (use the number of your building) 
Distance to fire hydrant  Less than 300 feet  Less than 300 feet  Less than 300 feet 
Distance to fire station  2 miles  Less than 2 miles  2 miles 
Is there a smoke detector?  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Is there a central fire alarm in the building?  Yes  Yes  In buildings with basements (5, 10, 21, 30, & 35) 
Are there deadbolt locks?  Yes  Yes  Yes