Internet Access

Desktop Computers in a Technology Learning Center

For Residence Hall Residents

WiFi via UWNet 

Residents living in University Residence Halls can take advantage of the UW-Madison wireless network service called UWNet. Users need to select the network on their device and open a web browser which will redirect to the login page. Access to network resources is governed by an Responsible Use Policy, and use of a connection indicates your acceptance of these conditions.

For more information about UWNet, check out the DoIT website. 

Wired Connections

All rooms have at least one active data jack that residents can connect to and share. when the device is connected to the jack please select either UWNet and then open a web browser which will redirect you to a login page. 

For assistance connecting your wired devices, please contact the DoIT Help Desk at 264-4357 or visit the Help web page. 

Connect a Category5 or Category6 data cable to the network port on your computer and to the data jack in your room. The data jack will be either red or orange in color. If you need a data cable they are available for purchase at any Housing Dining Services convenience store,  University Apartments Community Center, or DoIT Tech Store

Securing Your Computer

It is extremely important that your computer is secure while accessing any campus network resources. If your computer becomes compromised it will be removed from network access until it is repaired. For complete information on how to secure your computer, including; OS patching, anti-virus, firewalls, spyware, strong passwords and data backup, visit the campus security web page.

Configuring a Secure Wireless Access Point

University Housing requires that all personal wireless access points are configured securely. This ensures that the owner of the wireless access point knows exactly who is connecting to it. You are responsible for all network traffic that passes through your access point.

Connection Problems

If you were unable to register your computer by following the steps above, please visit our Troubleshooting page.

Appropriate Use of Routers, Switches and Wireless Access Points on UWNet

If you have brought a router, switch, hub or wireless access point from home that you plan to use in your room/apartment, please read the following excerpt from the UWNet Appropriate Use Policy.

Retransmission or propagation of the UWNet network connection through the use of switches, hubs, routers or wireless access points is allowed for personal use within the resident's room or apartment. UWNet or DoIT Help Desk staffs do not provide technical support for these devices. Any troubleshooting of your network connection will require that your computer be plugged directly into the data jack. All devices placed on the UWNet network must be securely and properly configured, and the resident who registers the device(s) will be solely responsible for any violation or abuse of the UWNet AUP resulting from the use of the device(s). Any device that causes network-related problems or denies service to other users may be disconnected from the network without prior warning.

Securing a Wireless Access Point

UWNet requires that all wireless access points attached to the network are properly configured and secured. This ensures that the owner of the wireless access point knows exactly who is connecting to it. You are responsible for all network traffic that passes through your access point. For example, if a computer in the room next door connects through your unsecured wireless access point and becomes infected with a virus, everyone connected to the access point will be quarantined until the infected computer is cleaned.

To securely configure your access point you should enable WEP or WPA security and/or MAC based filtering, change the default SSID and change the default admin password. UWNet does not provide configuration support for wireless access points.

For University Apartments Residents

Please note that the N300 Netgear router is not supported by our network. For more information on what routers we recommend, see this article.

For more information on connecting to the internet for residents living on our apartments, please explore this guide.

Apartments ResNet Guide