Community Police Officer

UW-Madison has it's own police force. Officer Terry Evans has been assigned to the University Apartments community. He has an office in the Community Center and is here to answer questions, coordinate educational programs, and help with any police or security concerns you may have. 

Building Security 

University Apartments is a relatively safe community, but it's a good idea to keep your doors locked, even when you are home.


You are issued a door and a mailbox key when you move in. Additional keys can be purchased at the University Apartments Office in the Community Center. All keys issued to you must be returned at check out time. If a key is lost, you will be charged for a lock change. Please review our Key Policy for more information.

Security Locks

Chain latches or dead bolts are provided in all apartments. You are not allowed to install any additional locks or chain latches. If you have a concern about your locks, please submit a Maintenance Request Form.

Exterior Doors

Keep all doors leading to the outside closed at all times for fire safety and to prevent rodents and insects from entering your building.

Car Theft, Accidents, and Vandalism

Lock your car doors and avoid storing valuable in the car or trunk. If you are in an accident, you must contact the police if anyone is injured or the amount of property damage equals or exceeds $1,000. Report any acts of vandalism to the Community Police Officer, the RM on Duty, or contact UW-Madison Police.