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Students gathered around a table

A sense of community contributes to student engagement in an English100-Freshman Composition class in the Sellery Hall classroom.

"I think the sense of community in the residence halls is really important for [students'] academic success. The University of Wisconsin is a big school and I think it can be intimidating a lot of times, especially for first-year students, so it's really nice to have the core group of people who you live with and have one or two or three classes in common."
-Kate Vieira, English 100-Freshman Composition Instructor


Math students smile after exam

In a study conducted in fall 2008, students in Residence Hall Class Sections (n=444) reported significantly greater experiences/outcomes than students enrolled in the same traditional classes on campus (n=380) on questions such as:

  º  Interacted with classmates outside of class
  º  Discussed something learned in class with other classmates outside of class
  º  Talked about personal lifestyles/customs with classmates
  º  Studied with classmates outside of class
  º  Had discussions with classmates whose personal values differ from yours
  º  Developed friendships with classmates
  º  Knew the names of my classmates