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Entrepreneurial Learning Community is located in:

Sellery Hall
821 W. Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53706-1798

Entrepreneurial Residential Learning Community

Who are "we"? We are an entrepreneurship program located on the second floor of Sellery Hall. Our students have a passion for entrepreneurship. We are a vibrant community of students that pursue all imaginable majors. We are engineers and writers, designers and business majors, musicians and biologists. Our resumes are at the top of the pile and our applications are fast tracked to the heads of departments. We are the ones who will lead the changing economy. We are the ones who don't fear the job market.

We are the ERLC and we want you to be one of us.

As ranked #23 by the Princeton Review, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is among the top-rated entrepreneurial colleges in the nation. With fantastic resources and a driven student body, the ERLC is the perfect place to help facilitate an entrepreneurial mindset.

Dream Big

The Entrepreneurial Residential Learning Community (ERLC) has 64 residents living in Sellery Hall. The ERLC's mission is to teach students to put their ideas into action through the entrepreneurial process. Whether you are undecided, or thinking of majoring in art history, engineering, business, or something else the ERLC can benefit you by teaching the entrepreneurial process of:

  • Imagining and assessing opportunities
  • Harnessing key resources to make real your ideas (people, funds, structure)
  • Learning from doing (tactics and goals)
  • Creating new sources of value (profit/nonprofit, private/social good)

Faculty and staff from across campus provide leadership for the ERLC. John Surdyk, from the Wisconsin School of Business, is the Faculty Director. All ERLC residents are asked to enroll in the 3-credit, MHR Course Entrepreneurship and Society which fulfills general education requirements, counts towards the Undergraduate Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship and provides students with access to faculty and community members on a personal basis. The ERLC class is taught in Sellery Hall.

What else does ERLC do?

  • The ERLC has fun! With a floor full of interesting people representing 10 different states and 4 different countries - meeting new friends is a breeze.
  • The ERLC hosts monthly dinners with area entrepreneurs and business leaders, providing a forum for making connections and learning from others willing to share their experiences and guidance.
  • Using funds allocated within the ERLC to assist students in creating their own ventures, the ERLC has sponsored plans for a social photography business, an environmentally friendly t-shirt company, a landscape design firm, and two UW-Madison student organizations. Bring your own ideas and we'll be here to help!
  • The ERLC offers residents the opportunity to assist UW-Madison professors with cutting edge research - something few first-year students get the chance to do.
  • The ERLC extends beyond campus. Students have traveled to Chicago to talk with University of Wisconsin alumni, attend a Second City performance, and shop a little too. Visits to local Madison companies are frequent as well.

The ERLC is located in Sellery Hall and committed to the celebration of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation in society. Meet students with intellectual curiosity and a passion for entrepreneurial undertakings. Be ready for late night brainstorming in this entrepreneurial "think-tank." Exchange ideas with people like you and become a part of a campus and city wide network of social, business, and artistic entrepreneurs.

You will leave the ERLC with great friends, amazing connections, and a marketability that will be the envy of your peers.

Activities include:

  • (Fall Only) Essential, 3 credit cutting-edge course on entrepreneurship held at Sellery Hall. Plan on taking this course 1st semester when you register for SOAR. Learn more about the ERLC Seminar.
  • ERLC residents also have access to reserved courses taught in the residence halls.
  • Dinners with prominent faculty and area business and government leaders
  • Tours of Madison-area incubators and companies
  • Fund for ERLC special activities – trips to Chicago, dinners on the town, apprentice style competitions
  • Parent Reception on move in day with ERLC Faculty
  • ERLC Dinners focusing on boosting your networking skills and meeting Faculty and Community Entrepreneurs who have turned their ideas into action!
  • Leadership Workshop – with UW’s Adventure Learning Program