Student Employment Perks

Student employees pose for a photo in front of Dejope Hall

Discount on Food

University Housing student employees get resident pricing on all food purchased in any University Housing dining market. That's a 30% discount on prepared food and a 20% discount on prepackaged or barcoded items, compared to standard non-resident prices. For locations and hours visit our dining pages

Career and Life Skills

During your employment with us, you'll work in a diverse workplace with people of every age and make many friends and connections that will last a lifetime. In addition, you'll gain a variety of skills such as problem solving, prioritization, cultural competencies, how to integrate into a work culture, how to handle conflict, and how to relate well with others. These skills will help you succeed academically, in your career post-college, and for the rest of your life. 

High Wages

We offer some of the highest student wages on campus. Effective August 2016, no position starts lower than $9.00/hour, and we offer a variety of promotional opportunities.

Recognition of Outstanding Student Employees (ROSE) Awards

Another way to earn some extra cash is by being a ROSE award recipient. During spring semester, your supervisor will have the opportunity to nominate top employees. If selected, you will attend our awards reception (with free food!) and get a recognition bonus of $250. 

Tax Savings

By working for University Housing, you are part of an even larger group - campus employment. By being a UW-Madison student and working on campus, you are eligible to not have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA).


The WiGrow program provides each student with an opportunity to grow and recognize transferrable skills they are acquiring through Housing employment. Conversations between the students and the supervisor are held frequently throughout employment. These conversations let supervisors and students talk about goals and progress to be sure you’re achieving your objectives.