A student employee talks to a supervisor about their employment goals

What is WiGrow?

WiGrow, an engagement effort from the Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration, is aimed to increase the positive impact of student employment through supervisor and student employee conversations. This program provides each student with an opportunity to grow and to recognize transferable skills acquired in student employment that can be applied to any future endeavor.

The program consists of two meetings a year between the student employee and their supervisor. Prior to the meetings, students will have an opportunity to contemplate and answer five questions. The questions meetings are designed to get the student thinking about skills future employers will look for, and how being an employee of University Housing will help them gain those skills. This meeting will give them the opportunity to:

  • Connect with the supervisor and talk about how things are going
  • Discuss the perks of being a student employee, including what skills are learned and how to apply them
  • Connect with other campus resources for additional academic development and growth.


Want to learn more? Check out some of our student and full-time staff in this 80’s-style WiGrow video!

Why is it important?

Working is an important part of the Wisconsin Experience. Our student employees often tell us that their work with University Housing is an important part of their time on campus, through which they learn skills such as time management and teamwork. Regardless of the job, student employees are learning and acquiring valuable skills that future employers are looking for. WiGrow helps students recognize and take full advantage of these skills.