Contract Checklist

Two residents study at their desks in Sellery Residence Hall

Are You Ready to Sign a Housing Contract?

Complete this checklist to be sure:


checkbox I read about the University Residence Halls, including the terms and conditions.
checkbox I have considered my finances and read the rate information.
checkbox If I have dietary concerns, I have called 1-800-438-5680 to talk with a registered dietitian to be sure my dietary needs can be met.
checkbox I understand that only University Residence Halls are owned and operated by UW-Madison and are different and separate from the off-campus privately-owned properties.
checkbox I am no longer interested in exploring other housing options in the Madison area.
checkbox I read the cancellation policy and understand that I can be released from my contract only if I no longer plan to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
checkbox I realize that I electronically sign my Contract Acceptance Form with a deposit by the due date that I (and my co-signer, if applicable) will have a legally binding agreement subject to the terms and conditions of the contract. If under 18 years old, I represent and warrant that my parent/co-signer has also read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the University Residence Halls contract.
checkbox I want to live in University Residence Halls - the choice most new UW-Madison students make each year!