Current UW Students

Two residents watch a movie together in their room in Waters Residence Hall

How to live in the University Residence Halls

If you are a current UW student who does not currently live in the University Residence Halls, you can apply for a housing contract online beginning in mid-October. Contract offers for current UW students begin in mid-November and are sent to your email address.

After receiving a contract offer, log into My UW Housing to select your room.

  • Indicate your preference for a single room, request a roommate, search for a roommate on RoomSync, or plan to live with a group of friends.
  • Apply to an International Learning Community (ILC) Language House.

From mid-November to mid-March, you can select a new room/hall by logging into My UW Housing. After selecting a new room/hall, you have 7 days to sign your housing contract and submit your deposit or the room will become available for other students to choose.

You can change your room assignment as many times as you like through mid-March. Beginning March 16th, if you want to change rooms, you need to visit the Assignment Office in the lower level of Slichter Hall.


Students can use RoomSync, a Facebook application, to search for other students interested in returning to live in the University Residence Halls. Complete your Notice of Intent for your personal access code. 

Two students interested in becoming roommates should preference one another when completing the Notice of Intent in My UW Housing. If you're interested in living with a new first year or transfer student, you should complete the form provided when submitting your roommate request in My UW Housing.

Still Deciding?

We understand you have many options to consider. We strongly recommend researching the various living options in Madison before making a final decision, including why thousands of University Housing residents decide to return each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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