Expanded Housing

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Why does the Division of University Housing have Expanded Housing?

  • This year’s incoming class is large – there are a lot of new Badgers coming to campus! University Housing wants to offer housing to as many students as possible, particularly students who are new to the UW-Madison campus. This is why we “expand” our capacity to offer more contracts to students enabling them to be part of the on-campus experience. Expanded Housing space is something that we carefully plan for every year.

Who can be assigned to Expanded Housing?

  • Any student who returns a contract to live in the University Residence Halls can initially be assigned to a space in Expanded Housing.

Where are Expanded Housing spaces located?

  • University Residence Hall den (lounge) spaces. Anywhere from 2-4 Badgers may be assigned to a den depending on the size of the den.

How long are students typically in an Expanded Housing space?

  • Students initially assigned to Expanded Housing can be there for as little as a couple days to as long as the first semester.
    • Students assigned to a hall den can anticipate living there for one semester, and then will move into a traditional room at the start of the second semester.

What are the room amenities for a student living in Expanded Housing?

  • All the same amenities and furnishings available to students in permanent assignments are available to students assigned to Expanded Housing.
    • Students living in hall dens will be provided keys to the lockable door. Only students assigned to the den will have access to the space. The temporary den furniture consists of a spacious three-drawer lockable dresser (bring your own lock), a closet bar, work surface and chair, personal bulletin board, bookshelf (including a shelf light underneath), and a bed.

What social and academic resources are available to me during my stay in Expanded Housing?

  • Residents living in Expanded Housing can and should utilize all the same resources available to any student living in University Housing. You will have a House Fellow within your community to help with questions. Whether learning your way around campus or attending one of the Wisconsin Welcome events together, there are numerous ways to get involved.
  • Additionally, academic tutoring services are located in a number of locations across campus. Spring residence hall class sections will also be available to all expanded housing residents once you are assigned permanently. Our staff is ready to direct you to a variety of resources to enhance your academic success.