Triple rooms are housed in Dejope and Smith Residence Halls — two relatively new halls that are equipped with high ceilings, walk-in closets, air conditioning, and additional space. While two residents have occupied these rooms in the past, they can comfortably fit three residents and separate furnishings (a twin-bed, desk, desk chair, book shelf, and dresser). Residents assigned to a triple room are charged a reduced rate as long as three residents are assigned to the room.

All triple rooms include:

  • 3 beds
  • 3 desks
  • 3 desk chairs
  • 3 bookcases
  • 2 compact refrigerators
  • 1 walk-in closet
  • 1 free-standing 5-drawer dresser (Dejope) or 3 small 3-drawer dressers (Smith)

These rooms also include all of the other standard furnishings provided in our other residence hall rooms, and the furniture is stackable for lofting or bunking the beds. The exact room sizes vary, but they are similar in size and layout to double rooms in Dejope and Smith.

Smith Triple Virtual Tour