Double to Single

A single room in Adams Residence Hall

In most instances, if your roommate moves out of your room, you will get another roommate. However, there are times when we may be able to offer your room to you as a single room if your roommate moves out. Here is how the process works:

  1. You receive an email from the Assignment Office to your email account with the cost and timeline for securing your double room as a single room.
  2. You indicate to us which option you choose by completing the information in your My UW Housing portal:
    • Retain and pay for your room as a Single room for the remainder of the academic year.
    • Keep your room as a Double room for the remainder of the academic year. You understand that a new roommate can be assigned at any time and you ensure that the room is ready for a new occupant.
  3. If you agree to change your room to a Single room, charges for the adjustment will either appear on your next quarterly bill or a separate bill will be emailed to you if the fourth quarter bill has already been sent.

If you accept a double to single offer, we will not remove the extra furniture for your room.