Room Swap

University Housing residents pose with Bucky

A room swap is when another person on your floor or in your hall would like to change rooms with you. Here are the easy steps to follow if you are interested in a room swap:


  1. Contact your House Fellow. The House Fellow will ensure that all four persons involved in the room swap (you, the person you are swapping with, and both roommates) are all in agreement.
  2. Wait for an email from the Assignment Office. Once everything is set, you will receive an email to will let you know that the room swap is okay to happen.
  3. Both you, and the person you are swapping with, will need to go to the hall desk to sign a form and exchange keys.
  4. Your room swap must be completed by the effective date included in the email.

Important: You might think, "Can we just swap rooms and keys without telling anyone?" The short answer is, “no.” There is a reason we have you follow this process. Imagine if there were a fire or other major emergency in your residence hall, or on campus. Your family and friends would want to know that you were accounted for in an emergency.