Summer Term 

Barnard Residence Hall exterior


Conveniently located on campus, University Residence Halls are within walking distance of campus facilities, city bus stops, restaurants/dining facilities, and many other attractions. In 2017, Summer Term housing will be offered in Barnard, Merit and Davis Hall. Merit is only available for the 8-week term, Barnard is only available for the 3-week and 8-week terms, and Davis is open for all terms.

Merit has central air conditioning, and all rooms in Barnard and Davis are equipped with air conditioning units. Rooms have wireless internet coverage and are wired for Cable TV service; however, they are not equipped with telephone or land line service. Laundry costs $2.50 per load; dryers are free. There are laundry rooms in each Summer Term residence hall.

Dining hours are limited during the summer. Dining options are available for use with your Wiscard at a variety of locations on campus when facilities are open. Additionally, each hall is equipped with a shared kitchen facility which students are able to use. Residents must bring their own cooking utensils, dishes, and silverware.


Session Check-In Date Check-Out Date
Interim Term (available only to current residence hall students only) May 14 --
3-Week Term May 28 June 17
1st 4-Week Term June 18 July 15
2nd 4-Week Term July 16 August 12
8-Week Term June 18 August 12


Hall/Room Type Interim Term 3-Week Term 4-Week Term 8-Week Term
Single Room $322 $460 $621 $1,265
Double Room $266 $380 $513 $1,045

*2017 summer term residents that also have a binding contract for academic year 2017-18 are eligible for housing at the end of summer term (August 12) until the opening of fall 2017-18