Kronshage Hall History

Opened: 1938-39

Theodore Kronshage, Jr.

Kronshage's education includes both a B.A. and an L.L.B from the University of Wisconsin in 1891 and 1892, respectively. He was a senior member of the firm of Kronshage, McGovern and Hannon from 1892-1926 and President of the Milwaukee Free Press from 1901-1918. He served on the Board of Normal School Regents from 1907-1917, the Board of Regents at the University of Wisconsin from 1921-1927, as the President of the Board from 1924-1927 and Chairman of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin from 1931-1934. In 1925, when drastic cuts in legislature appropriations were threatened, he used his own funds to publish and distribute an analysis of the finances of the University. In addition, he made speeches, wrote newspaper articles, and influenced people in favor of the University. Theodore Kronshage also played a leading part and deserves a large share of the credit for planning the financial structure of Adams and Tripp Hall.

History of University Housing