Sullivan Hall History

Opened: 1958

Richard E. Sullivan

It is an exceptional contribution which can be made and greatly felt in thirty-four years of life. Such a one was made by Richard E. Sullivan, University of Wisconsin Associate Professor of Commerce. Significantly, it grew in the area of human relationships as well as in studies of trade - and if the philosophy which sustains these walls be true, had major roots in residence halls life.

Dick Sullivan knew Wisconsin first in 1941, a student then, living in Showerman House of Kronshage Hall. He knew it again as student House Fellow at Showerman after returning from World War II service. In this role, the veteran was the living symbol - leader, sympathetic counselor, and kindly friend. With his help, hundreds of students came to understand and find the greater goals of community living.

And surely this Fellow traveled to the bright horizons he pointed. Having earned two Wisconsin degrees by 1947, he joined the University's full-time staff. On the faculty of the Industrial Management Institutes, he showed himself to be one of the University's most imaginative and dynamic young teachers. Ability and a nestful personality attracted large numbers of persons to his classes - the resident students and a rising tide of adult learners drawn from industry. Possessed also of executive talent, the teacher was made associate director of the Industrial Management Institute in 1948, director in 1950, and chairman of the Extension Division's Commerce Department in 1954.

In ten swift years and in a difficult field bridging academy and business, Richard Sullivan had found success. A rapid transit, this, but the heart had remained with the Halls. Problems of the dormitories were still his to help solve as Dick Sullivan served on the Man's Residence Halls Faculty Committee. His, too, were the problems of individual students who sought his counsel.

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