BioHouse Programs

BioHouse residents visit a lab

Seminar Info

Every student in BioHouse will have the opportunity to enroll in a one-credit “New Biology for the 21st century” course in the fall. The course introduces students in the myriad of majors in biological sciences on the UW-Madison campus, the five core concepts in New Biology, as well as global challenges around human health, biosphere health, food and fiber security, and energy security. Explore majors, learn about beyond-the-classroom opportunities, and begin to understand how you can become part of the thriving scientific community at UW-Madison by interacting with undergraduate mentors, graduate students, postdocs and faculty.

Programs and Activities

BioHouse students will meet premiere scientists in all disciplines of biology and discuss cutting-edge science issues with invited guests over dinner.

Events for the community include biology-themed social gatherings and recreational activities, guest speakers, biology-related volunteer opportunities, and other events and activities planned by student staff and residents. BioHouse residents will have a number of opportunities to participate in the academic and social aspects of the university and the surrounding community. Within the residence hall, students will have access to academic, service, and professional workshops, as well as structured study groups, mentoring programs, engaging journal clubs and themed movie nights. 

BioHouse will help residents get connected to UW campus by introducing them to research experiences, job opportunities, and influential faculty and staff. Also, students will be encouraged to branch out into the community with tours, social events, and volunteer experiences at the university, local nature preserves, state parks, schools, hospitals, museums, and biotechnology companies.


Within each learning community, the seminar is a key part of the resident experience. In addition to the seminar, we strongly encourage residents to take advantage of the many other unique activities and events offered. You can participate in as many or as few programs as you would like, but the more active you are, the more opportunities you will find.