Entrepreneurial Residential Learning Community (ERLC)

Entrepreneurial Residential Learning Community

Sellery Residence Hall |  64 residents (all doubles rooms; coed mixed floor)
Sponsored by the Wisconsin School of Business | $200 learning community fee

Students in over 70 different majors have been part of the ERLC community since its launch in 2007. If you are a doer and maker with big ideas, creativity and who enjoys putting together teams, this community is just for you. The ERLC is a vibrant community of students that are a mix of engineers, writers, designers, musicians, biologists and business majors. If you have the desire to craft the perfect resume, lead the world’s changing economy, and do not fear the job market, the ERLC might be your perfect fit.

The ERLC has acted as a springboard for many young entrepreneurs on campus. Thanks to the resources and education that this community provides to its residents, many have already started successful start-ups in the Madison area during their undergraduate experience. If you have an idea that you would also like to see come to life, be sure to take advantage of access to funding for research opportunities with faculty from across campus, as well as Dream Big Grants. Networking is another key in the professional business world. Because this is something the ERLC knows to be true, residents are also involved in trips to start-ups in the Chicago and Madison area throughout the year.

Program Goals:

  • Teach students to put their ideas into action through innovative thinking, analysis and planning
  • Assist with harnessing key resources to make students’ ideas reality
  • Stress the importance of learning by doing
  • Help students create new sources of value (profit/nonprofit, private/social good)


Contact: Sari Judge (Program Coordinator)