International Learning Community (ILC)

International Learning Community

Adams Residence Hall | 237 residents (single and double rooms; coed mixed floor)
Sponsored by the Division of International Studies | $250 learning community fee

To be successful in today’s world, cultural readiness is essential. In the International Learning Community (ILC), located in Adams Hall, we consider the global perspective. In our pursuit to develop global leaders, we offer students a variety of opportunities from listening to international speakers and connecting with faculty from campus language departments to offering undergraduates a chance to qualify for a research grant. Our global focus makes the ILC stand apart! Quench your curiosity for learning about other cultures and bring your enthusiasm to our inclusive community. And yes, learning about other cultures certainly involves eating lots of traditional meals.

The ILC living experience is ideal for students studying foreign languages, students interested in world affairs, students in exchange programs, and students who are planning to study abroad, returning from study abroad, or are unable to go abroad during their college careers. Live in the ILC where you will enhance your cross-cultural understanding and your language proficiency by connecting with your neighbors. In addition to joining the general International Learning Community, students should also consider applying to live in one of the nine Language Immersion Houses within the ILC.

Program Goals:

  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Build interest in learning about other cultures
  • Seek out and explore cultural values of widely divergent belief systems
  • Bring enthusiasm and curiosity for living and learning in an international community


Contact: Meg Martinez (Program Coordinator)


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In the News: ILC Fosters Global Connections

"The ILC is the only place where you can play sitar on the Lake Mendota docks, dance Argentinian tango, and eat global cuisine with faculty, all in the same day."

Heather Brevard
Woodinville, WA