Choose a Learning Community

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Do you already know what you plan on majoring in? Are you super passionate about a certain field of study or activity? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, a learning community might be a solid option for your first year on campus.

University Housing is home to ten learning communities, spread throughout eight halls on campus. Joining a learning community is a great way to make friends who have a shared interest, be it academic or leisure. Our learning communities cover a variety of topics from the sciences and entrepreneurship to creative arts and international studies. Even if you have a major in mind that does not necessarily coincide with the learning community of your choosing, you can still live there.

Every learning community offers a variety of events throughout the year. While these events vary in each learning community, they tend to focus on the topic at hand. Examples of these events include practicing yoga in Open House, growing plants in GreenHouse, or engaging in service learning trips with the Chadbourne Residential College. Many learning communities also offer a seminar course for residents to take for academic credit.

Learning communities can ease the academic transition that all students make as they start their college classes. Each learning community has access to faculty members that work specifically with the residents living in that community. Making connections with faculty and staff early can help students network and potentially find internships and lab work experiences later in their academic careers.

As if these benefits weren’t already enough to convince you to join a learning community, the fact that residents living in them tend to get better grades might sway you. Many of your neighbors won’t just be familiar faces in the hallways, but classmates as well. Living among others who share an academic interest makes forming study groups an easier task.

If you are interested in joining a learning community, be sure to rank that learning community number one when ranking your hall preferences. This is important, because students who wish to live in a learning community get to select their room in that community early, space permitting. More information about learning community room selection will be released in spring 2017.

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