Residential Learning Communities

Elevate Your Wisconsin Experience

Residential Learning Communities bring together faculty, staff and students around an explicit focus within the University Residence Halls. Unique seminars and class sections and aligned co-curricular activities all help produce smaller, more intentional communities that set students up for success.

Around 1 in 5 students living in the University Residence Halls will have the opportunity to elevate their Wisconsin Experience by joining a Residential Learning Community. Think about which one is for you.

High Impact Educational Practices

Residential Learning Communities, co-sponsored by UW-Madison Schools & Colleges, have been identified as High Impact Educational Practices both on campus and nationally. They have been widely tested and have shown to be beneficial for college students. Additionally, resources from the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates, a supplemental tuition charge to invest in the quality of the undergraduate experience, has been allocated to enhance and expand our Residential Learning Communities.

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Our Communities at a Glance

BioHouse Learning Community


Bradley Learning Community (BLC)

  • Bradley Hall, 246 residents
  • Transition to college in this high-energy community exclusively for freshmen, with daily programs to build connections and get involved with the campus.
  • UW Academic Co-Sponsor: College of Letters & Science

Chadbourne Residential College (CRC)

  • Chadbourne Hall and Barnard Hall, 719 residents
  • Get involved in endless opportunities to grow as a student and leader through interpersonal connections and academic and extracurricular engagement in this vibrant community.
  • UW Academic Co-Sponsor: College of Letters & Science

Entrepreneurial Residential Learning Community (ERLC)

  • Sellery Hall, 64 residents
  • Dream big and put your ideas into action through innovative thinking, analysis, teamwork, planning, and harnessing resources in a creative community of doers and makers.
  • UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Wisconsin School of Business

GreenHouse Learning Community


International Learning Community (ILC)

  • Adams Hall, 235 residents
  • Discover global cultures and international studies, including nine immersive language houses (Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Nordic, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish).
  • UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Division of International Studies

Multicultural Learning Community (MLC)


Open House: Gender Learning Community

  • Phillips Hall, 30 residents
  • Explore the diversity of the human experience through discussions on gender in contemporary media. Students from all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and disciplines are welcome.
  • UW Academic Co-Sponsor: College of Letters & Science

The Studio: Creative Arts & Design Community

  • Sellery Hall, 64 residents
  • Create, innovate, and bring your imagination to life by exploring the creative process among fellow artists, dancers, musicians, actors, directors, engineers, computer scientists, and designers.
  • UW Academic Co-Sponsor: Arts Institute

Women in Science & Engineering (WISE)


Additional Community Options

Career Kickstart

  • Ogg Hall, 600 residents
  • Jumpstart your success by gaining access to employers, businesses, and alumni who can bring your career aspirations to reality by becoming a part of this exclusively upperclassmen community.
  • UW Academic Co-Sponsor: College of Letters & Science

Substance-Free Community

  • Sullivan Hall (in 2016-17), 22 residents
  • Thrive in an environment that is supportive of the choice to live a lifestyle free of alcohol and other drugs, and is dedicated to offering exciting programs and events for students to participate in.

Transfer House

  • Tripp Hall, 21 residents
  • Surround yourself with other Badgers who are new to campus and eager to explore Madison and forge new friendships by attending events designed to get you comfortable with Madison.