Diversity Dialogues

A group of students chat outside their residence hall

University Housing is dedicated to helping all students become aware of the importance of their own identities and knowledge of differing identities, which are our daily lived experiences. Understanding identities and engaging in dialogues are the first steps in creating respectful relationships and interactions within a diverse community.

Through a partnership with the Department of Counseling Psychology, we offer Diversity Dialogues on a variety of topics that range from Race, Socioeconomic Status, to Religion and Spirituality. Diversity Dialogues are 90-minute discussions in small groups of 8-10 students that focus on the sharing and learning of personal perspectives and experiences and encourage some sense of community. The goal of this initiative is to increase students’ awareness and skills about campus diversity and provide an opportunity to learn and share experiences about diversity with other students. The dialogues focus on students’ experiences/reactions related to diversity, challenges associated with diversity, and opportunities for future involvement in diversity.

In addition to Diversity Dialogues offered to residents each semester, student staff members are provided the opportunity to enroll in Facilitating Diversity Dialogues course through the Department of Counseling Psychology to build upon their skills as a staff member.