Gender & Sexuality Alliances

Two students greet one another at an Open House event

University Housing strives to support all underrepresented identities in the residence halls. Our LGBTQ-focused student support is assisted by Residence Life Programming Assistants. These staff members advise UW-Housings GSA’s as well as reach out to students who have self-identified as LGBTQ and work closely with the Open House Learning Community, located in Phillips Hall, as well as in partnership with the LGBT Campus Center.

Do you have questions about whether the Residence Halls will be a safe space for you to live based on LGBTQ identity? If so, check out our LGBTQ Frequently Asked Questions. In addition, these staff members provide ally training workshops to increase knowledge, understanding and ally support to the LGBTQ community. One of the programs that is offered within the residence halls is Ally Training. If you are interested in having this program hosted in your hall, please contact your Residence Life Programming Assistant to find out when this program will be in your hall or area.

For more information/support/resources, please also consider contacting or visiting the friendly staff at the LGBT Campus Center located in the Red Gym.

In addition to these resources, Open House, a learning community within University Housing, welcomes students who wish to build a community dedicated to safe space and examining conventional and transformational assumptions about gender and sexuality. In addition to a supportive residential community, Open House offers a seminar on gender and sexuality in the media, co-curricular activities, and flexible rooming arrangements to meet your needs. Open House is just one of the many places you can live on campus!

Gender Sexuality Alliances

In each area (Lakeshore and Southeast), there are Gender & Sexuality Alliances which are student-led, student-run organizations aimed at programming, support and creating allies for the LGBTQ community. Formerly known as the Gay Straight Alliances, the renaming aligns with our mission to creating more inclusive environments for students. If you would like more information about the GSA’s that are operating in the residence halls or get involved, please contact the Team GSA Leaders: Cory Sprinkel and Hailey Smith.

Being an Ally

An ally is someone who supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer community. Straight allies stand with LGBTQ people in creating safe and inclusive environments and celebrating the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations. All of the LGBTQ programming that is done in UW Housing is open to the LGBTQ students and their allies. For more information about the levels of allyship, please refer to the LGBT Campus Center’s new student guide.