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Student Employee Recipients of the 2015 Rose Awards

Work = Success

Did you know that working part-time while you are going to school offers many benefits? University Housing is the biggest employer of students on the UW-Madison campus, and we work hard to help you succeed in both your job and your college career.

Social Networking

Because you're working with many other students who are all your age, you're able to quickly build connections and friendships that last a lifetime.

Time Management

Studies have shown (and many of our own student employees will agree!) that the more hours they work, the higher their grades become and the better they are with time management.

Success Above and Beyond Your College Career

By working for University Housing you expose yourself to a wealth of promotional opportunities that will look great on a resume. Not interested in taking on more responsibility? No problem! Many of Housing's positions allow you to come back into the same job year after year.

Employment Perks

Not only does working part-time for University Housing bring you a steady paycheck, but it also offers a few other great things:

Recognition of Outstanding Student Employees (ROSE) Awards

Another way to earn some extra cash is by being one of the honorable recipients of our ROSE awards. During spring semester your supervisor will have the opportunity to nominate some of their top employees. If selected, you will get to attend our special awards reception (complete with free food!) and get a recognition bonus of $250. Not only that, but you can take great pride in knowing that only 1% of our student employees earn this award.

On the Job Training

Housing offers our student employees on the job training to help you become the best worker possible.

Tax Savings

By working for University Housing you are part of an even larger group - campus employment. By being a UW-Madison student and working on campus you do not have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA). That's extra money in your pocket!

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