Basic Troubleshooting

Two residents use the internet in their room

Try restarting your computer. Many problems are fixed by simply rebooting. Make sure that you have the data cable plugged in securely to both the computer's network port and the data jack in your room/apartment. Make sure you are plugged into the red or orange data jack and not the beige phone jack.

Check for flashing green and yellow lights near the network port on your computer. A green light on, yellow/orange light flashing usually means the connection is working. If this is not the case, either the network card is misconfigured, the data jack is not working or your data cable is bad.

Try plugging the data cable into another data jack. It is unlikely that all the data jacks in the room/apartment are not functioning, unless there is a network outage. To check for network issues, visit the campus outage page.

Try using a different data cable. If you need a data cable they are available for purchase at any Housing Dining Services convenience store, University Apartments Community Center or DoIT tech store.

If you are still having problems, please visit the University Housing KnowlegeBase for help troubleshooting your issue. If you can't find a solution there, see the information below to open a support case.

Opening a Support Case

Please call the DoIT Help Line at 608- 264-4357. Campus help desk staff will create a case for you and try to resolve your issue over the phone. If your problem cannot be resolved, your case will be forwarded to Housing IT where a UWNet Technician will contact you to schedule a house call.

If you need to schedule a house call, please be sure to provide the following information:

For Residence Halls please have the following information ready:

  • Name
  • Room number
  • Residence hall
  • Times that you are available
  • Cell phone or number where you can be reached

For University Apartments (Eagle Heights Apartments & University Houses) please have the following information ready:

(the caller must be 18 years of age or older to call the help desk)

  • Name
  • Apartment Letter
  • Building Number
  • Times that you are available
  • Phone number where you can be reached (cell phone or phone with answering machine)

If necessary, a Housing IT staff person will visit your room/apartment and work to solve your network connection problem. House calls are free of charge and won't last for more than an hour. You must be present during the entire house call.

Supported Operating Systems

Currently UWNet offers support for the following operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS 10.3 and higher. Residents are welcome to connect machines running other operating systems, but UWNet can offer no assistance in establishing or troubleshooting their data connections, other than verifying that your data jack is operational.

Residents are not allowed to attach machines to the UWNet network that are running server OS's such as Novell, Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise, etc.