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New to UW-Madison – Not College: Live in University Residence Halls!

As a transfer student, you may already be familiar with college life, but your transition to the campus is a vital new opportunity to connect with fellow students and all that UW-Madison has to offer. University Residence Halls provide the best way to make those connections, living among new friends and enjoying the conveniences, and resources of life on campus.

University Residence Halls can help you find your place in a large university, adjust to new class sizes and instruction methods, and find resources around campus.

Where You Can Live

University Residence Halls offer convenient on-campus housing options for transfers, many of whom are sophomores, juniors and seniors looking for an experience that fits this stage of their college career. Some transfer students choose double rooms with a roommate, while others prefer a single room for the privacy within a community. We offer 19 residence halls to choose from.

One of our most popular options for transfers is Ogg Residence Hall.

For those who want to live among other transfer students, the Transfer House in Tripp Residence Hall is another great option. Located along the scenic Lakeshore Path, Transfer House offers single rooms and strong support for non-freshmen seeking social connections and academic resources.

Benefits of Living On-Campus

Transfer students in University Residence Halls enjoy all of the same convenient benefits of on-campus living, including:

  • Dining – Residents enjoy a wide variety of food options at several marketplace dining locations
  • Academics – Residents at all levels are shown to get better grades, benefitting from advising, tutoring, technology, and workshops in the residence halls
  • Programs and Activities – Residents have many opportunities to participate in fun activities, attend social events, and get involved in their community
  • Safety – Residents are protected by many security measures in the halls and around campus
  • Location – Residents can choose from a variety of halls located in the lakeshore or southeast neighborhoods, close to classes, libraries, and recreational facilities

Housing Contract

Transfer students are offered a contract for the University Residence Halls, using the information provided to the Admissions Office. Admitted students will receive email notification from University Housing, with information to complete the online contract process.

We recommend that transfer students return a contract before May for priority consideration for their top hall choices. Transfer students who return a contract before May are allowed to select their own room and can list a preferred roommate. After early-May, rooms will still be available, but options may become more limited.

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