Apartment Facilities Office May 2017 Projects/Updates

Concrete Repairs

There are various sidewalk and concrete step repairs that will be happening in Eagle Heights and University Houses.

Common Area Flooring

The Eagle Heights 400s will be getting new common area hallway flooring in May. This project impacts entry door thresholds and the landing out the back doors of these apartments. Detailed information will be going out to residents prior to this work.

Interior Hallway Lighting

We will be replacing interior common area lighting with new, more energy efficient, LED lighting in Harvey Street and the Eagle Heights 100s and 200s in May. Staff Electric, an outside contractor, will be performing this work.

University Houses Exterior Work

The square columns, bases and capitals at University Houses will be replaced in May. We will also continue with additional exterior maintenance of remaining wood elements. Specifics will be included in our weekly updates. Landscaping will continue, with planting of new trees and bushes beginning in May as well as additional lawn restoration work.

Campus Recycling Lot and New Shed

Work continues on the lot to the south of Lot Z. This project is making improvements to the recycling area, reclaiming some of the area for the campus natural areas, and constructing a shed for use by University Housing. This project is not funded by resident money, but rather through the sale of a previously owned storage building offsite. Please keep children away from the site because it is very dangerous.

Eagle Heights Drive Repaving

The entire length of Eagle Heights Drive will be repaved this summer with work likely starting in June. This will result in one way traffic through the community for the duration of the project in order to maintain traffic and bus routes. More information will be sent out prior to the work beginning, but we want to get this on everyone’s radar because we know it will make travel more challenging.

Summer Student Staff

The week after graduation we will be welcoming a new crew of about 35 students to assist with our summer facilities operations. They are a welcome addition of new energy and creativity and help us get a lot of essential projects completed in the summer. We are still looking for a few more students for our custodial crew for this summer, so if you are student (yes, we hire high school students, undergrads and grad students) looking for full time summer employment, please consider applying.