Leaving University Apartments? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Preparing your Apartment  for  Check-Out

Maintaining your apartment can be a challenge when you are juggling school and household responsibilities, but it is important to do so if you wish to avoid cleaning and/or damage charges when you move out. The online Move-Out Guide contains recommendations for cleaning your apartment. On your last day in your apartment (the day you specified in your termination form, or the last day of your lease), you must have removed everything from your apartment and storage area.

In addition to being empty, both areas must be thoroughly cleaned before you hand in your keys. Previous residents have estimated that it takes about 20 hours to thoroughly clean their apartment. Once your keys have been received, a staff inspector will evaluate the condition of your apartment. If they determine that a charge is necessary, we will check for any pre- existing conditions noted on your check-in form or on the previous resident’s check-out evaluation.


It is our responsibility to charge you for the cost of damages that are not the result of normal wear and tear, because repairing damages will increase the cost of making the apartment ready for the next resident. If we do not collect charges from the resident causing the damage, the cost will be borne by the entire community in the form of rent increases. Most of the time there are no charges or only minimal charges. Lock changes as a result of lost keys, and cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms and windows, are the most frequent reasons that residents are billed. Please note that there will be a charge for a lock change if you do not return all apartment keys issued to you. There will also be a charge if you fail to turn in all your mailbox keys or if the padlock issued to your storage area is missing.

Moving Trucks/Storage Pods

Park your moving vehicle on the street or in your parking stall. If you have a moving company, please contact our Apartment Facilities Office at 262-2037, so they can schedule a location to park their truck on the day of your departure. Make sure you know the size of the truck you have ordered so we can find you a place it will fit.

If your moving company will be providing you with a storage pod, it may be placed in your parking stall – if it can fit. If it is too large for your apartment stall, please contact the Apartment Facilities Office so they can assist with identifying an approved location for your container.

DO NOT drive on the grass or on sidewalks. The damage that can be done to the lawn is very costly, and you will be charged for any needed repairs.

Billing Appeals

Once you receive your final check out invoice, if you wish to appeal those check out charges you must submit your appeal in writing via email to: universityapartments@housing.wisc.edu.  Make sure you are clear about what it is you are appealing and why you do not believe the charges are fair.