July 2017: Staying Grounded with the UA Grounds Department


Garden parking in Eagle Heights Drive will be closed for road construction. Please read your parking policy in your move-in packet or go online to find it. Parking in a visitor stall more than 2 days may result in a $40.00 citation. Please obtain a visitor parking pass from the community center office if parking more than 2 days.


Construction will begin on Eagle Heights Drive starting 06/26/2017 and ending sometime by the end of summer or early Fall. Please be patient, follow road signs and allow yourself more time to get where you are going. Eagle Heights Drive will be one way during most of the project, so use alternative routes to get to where you are going.


furniture or metal. Clothing can be put in the donation box at the community center. Do not leave it by the dumpster or it will be thrown away. Please donate bikes to kids’ organization. Do not leave them in the bike racks when moving out.

Boats and Canoes

Please put canoes on racks in Lot Z or garden area behind University Housing. Park Boats in Lot Z. Boats and canoes must be registered with our office and have property labels on them. Please secure them to avoid wind or theft.


Please do not store any property in the fire rescue platform hallways. This is against the City of Madison Fire Code and property will be removed.
Property labels expired at the end of June. Please pick up new ones at the community center office with an ID. All property outside must have a property label on it. Please do not put labels on indoor furniture because it cannot be stored outside. Please read your storage policy before labeling property.
On July 13th, we will be tagging bicycles that do not have a current yellow label on them. If they do not have a current yellow label on then by July 17th, they will be considered abandoned and the lock will be cut off and the bicycle removed. If you do not want your bike, donate it to a kids’ organization or put it by the dumpster so we do not have to store it for 30 days.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools may not be left in lawn area or left unattended.