Back to School? Be Well and Be Safe.

Terry Evans
Terry Evans, Community Police Officer

Submitted by Terry Evans, University Apartments Community Police Officer

Being Well

As school gets back into session for the University it is important to recognize this is an exciting and often stressful time for a lot of people. The pressures of student life, for those whom this is their first time at UW to graduate students, can seem overwhelming at times. I feel it is important to make sure you know about the many services available at University Health Services (UHS) here on campus.

UHS offers a wide range of services in the areas of medical services, mental health services, victim advocacy, insurance, and environmental & occupational health. UHS is here “To enhance learning and student success by promoting, protecting, and restoring health and well-being.”

Well-being is not just physical, our mental health and well-being is important to success. UHS offers individual, couples/partner and group counseling services as well as help with stress management and psychiatric services. It is important we ensure our mental and emotional health is addressed right along with our physical health.

To access any of UHS services please call (608) 265-5600 or visit their website at

Being Safe

Did you know crime on campus is a simple math problem? Much like 1+1+1=3, the crime equation is CRIMINAL+VICTIM+OPPORTUNITY=CRIME. The biggest thing you can control in that equation is opportunity. Do not give criminals the chance to make you a victim.

Be sure to lock your bikes to bike racks, do not leave your bag or backpack unattended, keep your phones and portable computers with you at all times, and be secure all your possessions. It only takes seconds for unattended items to be taken and it can happen to anyone. Criminals will do what is easy, so an unlocked bike or a bag or laptop left alone sitting on a desk is easy to take.

Be alert, do not give criminals any opportunity to take your things and make you a victim. Feel free to contact UWPD at (608) 264-2677 or me at (608) 265-5717 or

Stay safe, be well, and have a great school year.