Campus dining made easier

On-campus dining at UW-Madison is becoming faster and more convenient than ever for busy customers with the addition of online ordering. University Housing and the Wisconsin Union have partnered with Tapingo to provide easy online ordering of food and drinks for pick-up through a free mobile app.

Now, customers can save time and avoid lines by ordering ahead and picking up their food at any Housing or Union location. The app allows users to customize their orders with easy options, just as they would do in-person, and it notifies them when their order is ready. It even remembers past orders and preferences so that users can quickly order their favorites. Once an order is ready, the customer can get their food from the Tapingo Express pick-up area at that location, confirm their order, and be on their way.

Peter Testory, Director of Dining & Culinary Services for University Housing, explains, “Technology is ever-changing and so are the preferences of our students. Students want more and more flexibility, and they want to be able to have convenience at their fingertips. Tapingo helps us offer our students the convenience they are desiring, and the flexibility they are looking for in their dining options.”

Tapingo is available for anyone to use on campus, including students, faculty, staff, guests, and the public. It can also connect to a Wiscard account for payment, giving students and staff a seamless ordering experience where they can take advantage of some of their usual discounts on food.

“Integrating Wiscard into Tapingo was a big deal for us,” says Carl Korz, Director of Dining & Hospitality for the Wisconsin Union. “It allows us to pass on savings to UW-Madison students and staff while adding a layer of convenience.”

Tapingo will cover University Housing and Wisconsin Union locations across campus, offering a wide range of options. The online ordering service will generally be available throughout normal operating hours of each location. A $0.59 fee is charged for each Tapingo order.

“We are so excited to join the Tapingo community,” notes Korz. “With over 50 unique dining locations available on campus, it is essential that we offer convenient options that will lessen the stress in a typical day for students and staff.”

Later this fall, University Housing and the Wisconsin Union plan to add delivery service through Tapingo, which will serve the entire campus and surrounding area, making it even easier for busy customers to enjoy their favorite campus food wherever they are.

“One of the biggest trends for restaurants within the last year has been for them to get into the delivery business,” says Testory. “We want to not only be able to provide the students that live with us this convenience, but we also want the student who moved off campus to be able to enjoy their favorite meals from when they were a freshman as well.”

To download the free app or place an order from your computer, visit the Tapingo website, or search for Tapingo in the App Store or Google Play.

For more information about Tapingo at UW-Madison, contact Peter Testory, 608-262-7487,

Article by Brendon Dybdahl