September 2017: Staying Grounded with the UA Grounds Department


Road construction is finished. Please park in the paid parking stalls if you have a paid parking hangtag. If the stalls are full, you will have to park in a different lot or Lot Z. Please do not park in a visitor stall.

Also, please read your parking policy. Parking blocks have been installed in certain areas to make snow removal easier. Please try not to run into them, it may damage your vehicle. Garden parking will be reopened on Eagle Heights Drive.

Property Storage

Please read your storage policy. All bikes and property outside must have a property label on it. As of November 1st all property must be in storage except shovels and sleds. Please make other arrangements for your property if you do not have room to store it. You may have to rent a storage unit.


Please do not leave clothes and bedding by dumpsters on the ground. Put them in the dumpster.

Back to School

School is starting, please drive slow and stop for kids at the crosswalks, as this is a State Law. Kids and parents please walk on sidewalks. It is very dangerous to walk in the road.

Lot Z

Lot Z will be fully opened again after all the projects this summer. Please park vehicles not being used or being sold with paid hang tags in Lot Z. It will open up a lot of paid parking stalls that are in very high demand. Make sure all boats and trailers parked here are registered with our office, have a current property label on them and are secured.