October 2017: Staying Grounded with the UA Grounds Department


Please read your parking policy. There has been a delay on the finishing of paving on Eagle Heights Drive that will be resolved shortly – Thank you for your patience. Please be sure that you have a base lot sticker in your vehicle window and proper passes if needed.  Parking violation citations cost $40 so please try to take care of these issues right away.


Please read your storage policy.  As of October 1st all items outside must be stored inside.  You may have to rent a private storage unit if you do not have room in your apartment storage unit (property cannot be stored in hallways as this is a fire code violation).  Bikes must be stored in bike racks and shovels and sleds cannot be stored blocking stairways or walkways.  Grills may be stored in the back of the building along the wall.

We need to be able to get into the common areas and clean out leaves and snow.  Property in the 700, 800 and 900s common areas will be yellow tagged and removed as of October 1st.  There is a fee of $5 per item to retrieve property that has been removed.


Please do not put clothes, shoes and cardboard on the ground by dumpsters.  Large furniture, beds, bikes and appliances or metal items are the only items that should be placed next to the dumpsters.  If the dumpster looks full, usually the back side of it still has room to place garbage in it.



School is back in session and children are present.  Please drive slowly.  Thank you.