Shorewood Hills Elementary Timeliness Reminder

At Shorewood Hills Elementary School, we cherish our partnership with families. On-time arrival for school is a priority we share with our entire school community; parents, teachers, and students.
School begins at 8:30am. Students are to be in their classrooms at that time, in their seats and ready for learning.
When a student is tardy to school the following can occur:

  • Student misses social interactions with peers
  • Student may feel embarrassed and out of place when they walk in late
  • Class attention is focused on the student entering the classroom late
  • Morning All-School announcements are missed
  • Student’s hot lunch isn’t ordered and lunch count is inaccurate
  • Teacher may not get to repeating directions, until after the child already feels frustrated
  • Lessons are disrupted by students walking in late to class
  • Students who are habitually tardy show loss of individual progress in schoolIf you need help in reducing tardies, please let us know.

    Our main office number is: 204-1200

    Our Safe Arrival number is: 204-1206