University Apartments Assembly Corner

What: The group of all residents living in Eagle Heights, University Houses, and Harvey Street Apartments (that means you, too!).

Why: The purpose of the Assembly is to provide a forum and structure, independent of University Apartment Housing staff, for residents to advocate for improvements and changes to University Apartments. The Assembly Board receives a monthly allotment of funds to make real changes, but we need resident involvement and suggestions to make these changes.

When: Assembly Meetings are on a Wednesday each month, at 7 p.m. (free ice cream, light refreshments, and childcare provided).

Who: All residents are invited to join every Assembly Meeting. If you would like to join the Assembly Board, please contact us at

Assembly Board: Assembly meetings are run by the Assembly Board, in coordination with Housing. Topics of concern will be introduced by the board and by housing and then time is given for general comments and concerns. Assembly meetings are theprimary way that Assembly concerns are presented to the community and staff.

Several key positions on the Assembly Board remain unfilled. Please Join the Assembly Board and make a meaningful contribution to your community. Volunteers with new ideas and diverse backgrounds and primary languages are always welcomed

Grants: The Assembly sets aside money each year to fund resident ideas. If you have an idea that would improve our community, send it in. Suggestions or questions can be directed to the Assembly board, at

Previous grants include:

  • Improved play equipment in University Houses
  • Teen appreciation field trip
  • Playgroups for children up to 36 month
  • Equipment for the Gym
  • CWC Girls Empowered Program aimed at engaging the young women of University Apartments
  • Supplies for art, sewing, and yoga classes (taught by volunteers)

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