Changes Coming to Badger Watch

Badger Watch LogoBadger Watch began in 2002 with just four buildings on the UW-Madison Campus and has grown to more than 4,000 volunteers across the campus. While we still consider the Badger Watch volunteers the “extra eyes and ears” of the UW Police Department, we think it is time for an update on the program. 

The Badger Watch team will still continue to provide the Badger Watch Volunteer training to anyone and anywhere it is wanted. However, we have updated the training and believe it will add more value and knowledge to you, or a new Badger Watch volunteer. With this training you will be empowered to address safety concerns in your work area, observe and report suspicious and criminal activity to the police, and identify any crime prevention needs. We believe a healthy, united Badger community is one of the strongest deterrents to crime. Your awareness, intervention and call to the police could prevent an injury, stop a crime or even safe a life.

Also updated for Badger Watch will be the inclusion of monthly Badger Watch Updates via email. This email will be sent out to Badger Watch volunteers the last Monday of every month. This update will include specific crime statistics in various areas on campus, calls for action or information based on these statistics, a list of upcoming events, training, and meetings for the volunteers, as well as recognition of any exceptional service done by volunteers.

Quarterly we will host volunteer meetings to discuss crime trends and crime prevention on campus as well as bring presenters on various topics like:

  • Financial and identity fraud and protecting yourself online
  • Emergency preparedness for disasters, critical incidents and acts of nature
  • How to deal with mental health concerns and available resources for students and staff
  • The rise of social media use and protecting yourself online 
  • And other experts from the community and law enforcement agencies across Dane County

If you would like to know more about Badger Watch and how it can help in the University Apartments and University Houses area please contact me. Stay safe and stay involved.

UW Dispatch: 608-264-COPS (2677) 

City of Madison Police Dispatch:608-255-2345 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to call or e-mail Officer Terry Evans. 

(608) 265-5717