Many Different Ways to Say the Same Thing

man and woman having conversationSubmitted by Rezvaneh Habibi

What’s cracking?!

Hmmmmm … a chair, a wall, or my teeth after drinking ice water right after a hot drink?!

Are these the responses that might come to your mind when you are greeted with such a question? If so, you are not alone!

This is just an example of one of the many different, and weird, ways to ask, how are you? in English.

One thing that is unique about the Eagle Heights community is that you learn that each language and culture has numerous greetings. It is possible to hear some of these every day in our very diverse community.

For example, in English, a colleague may ask, what’s happening? and it may occur to you to think about real-world things that are going on around you or globally. However, it really means how are you? How’s everything? The answer is just good or all good! 

It’s interesting to learn the different ways to greet people in English. If these greetings were to be translated to another language, they likely would not make much sense, getting lost in translation.

Here are a few informal—but polite—examples that I have come across: 

What’s good?
How’s by you?
How ya living?
How’s life?
How are you doing?
How have you been?
How’s everything?
How’s it going?
How are things going?
What’s going on?
What’s new?
What’s up?
What are you up to? 

Oh by the way let’s not forget what’s cracking! Enjoy these beautiful days and don’t be afraid to try out a new greeting.