Pick-up Your Dining Plan Perks

If you selected a Tier 2 or Tier 3 Dining Plan for the 2018-19 academic year you will receive:

  • Tier 2: 1 Bean & Creamery Drink Card for 10 free drinks for the year
  • Tier 3: 2 Bean & Creamery Drink Cards (each good for 10 free drinks) and a reusable tumbler for unlimited free fountain drinks for the year

To pick up these items, please visit the Student Employment Table located at the dining market indicated below.

Pick-up Location Hall of Residency
Carson’s Market Adams, Humphrey, Slichter, & Tripp
Four Lakes Market Bradley, Cole, Dejope, Kronshage, Leopold, Phillips, & Sullivan
Gordon Avenue Market Davis, Ogg, Sellery, & Witte
Liz’s Market Waters
Newell’s Deli Smith
Rheta’s Market Barnard & Chadbourne

Have questions about your Dining Plan?

Contact University Housing Dining & Culinary Services
(608) 262-0057