University Housing Dining Markets Launch Bucky’s Share Table Program

As you start to do some spring cleaning in your room, consider donating your non-perishable food to Bucky’s Share Table. Earlier this semester, University Housing Dining Markets launched  Bucky’s Share Table as a way to help combat student food insecurity on campus.  “For many years k-12 school programs across the country have been creating share tables in their cafeterias with lots of success,” says Peter Testory, Director of University Housing Dining & Culinary Services. “With food insecurity growing as an issue among our students, we thought this was an easy way to help make a difference.”

Here’s how it works. Every Market will have an area designated as Bucky’s Share Table. This is a place where Housing Dining will place extra unopened non-perishable food items to share with students. Students are encouraged to leave any non-perishable food or drink items they may not want and/or take anything they may need at no extra cost to them. The whole idea is that our campus community can help each other. #BadgersGiveBack