Tips for getting your Mail on Time, and at the Right Place

Standard U.S. mail is delivered every day except Sunday and on U.S. Federal Holidays. Place outgoing mail in the outgoing letter slot in your mailbox or at the box outside of the Community Center for USPS pick-up. You can ship packages at the nearest post office.

Neither the Apartment Facilities or University Apartments Offices accept resident packages or letters. Mail delivered to the Community Center will be returned to sender. Receiving Packages in the Mail

The post office may deliver a key with your mail. This key will open the compartment for packages in your mail box cluster. Please remove your package, close the compartment door, and leave the key in the lock.

Nearest Post Office

601 Sawyer Terrace, Madison, WI
For more information, call 800-275-8777 or visit

Mailing address for Eagle Heights

Your Name
Building Number, Eagle Heights, Apt. Letter
(Example: 605 Eagle Heights Apt. I)
Madison, WI 53705 USA

Mailing address for University Houses

Your Name
Building Number, University Houses, Apt. Letter
(Example: 5 University Houses, Apt. A)
Madison, WI 53705 USA

Mailing address for Harvey Street

Your Name
2924 Harvey Street, Apt. Number & Letter
(Example: 2924 Harvey Street, Apt. 6A)
Madison, WI 53705 USA