If You’re Moving, Don’t Forget About Your Mail

Many residents will be moving in and out of the University Apartments community. This becomes very challenging for our mail carriers to keep track of everyone and their mail, so we would like to pass along some friendly reminders.

  • A useful rule of thumb is to always let your mail carrier know what you are doing. Sometimes the simplest way is to leave a note in your mailbox. If you are moving it helps to know if your apartment will be vacant or if a roommate will remain.
  • Also leave a note if you are moving and do not need or want your mail forwarded. The carrier will not worry how long to hold your mail, or what to do with it.
  • If you do need mail forwarded it is necessary to fill out a change of address form for every different family name residing at that address. Even if you are transferring to another apartment within University Apartments, a change of address form must be filled out. The staff may know your new address, but the post office does not. You can once again leave a note for the carrier requesting the form, or fill it out electronically at www.USPS.com
  • There are three different carriers that work in the University Apartments community. Following these simple reminders will help ensure they are using their time wise and efficiently.