In Your Backyard: Spring Ephemeral Wildflowers

Written by Bryn Scriver, Lakeshore Nature Preserve Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

Each spring in Wisconsin’s woodlands brings the much anticipated spring ephemeral wildflowers. Ephemeral meaning lasting for a very short time. These plants have a small window of sunshine they can exploit, between when the snow melts and when the trees leaf-out, in which to grow, flower, be pollinated, and produce seeds. They complete their entire life cycle in the short amount of time that the woods are flooded with light. By June, leafy trees have created a shadowy green canopy over the woodland floor and the spring ephemeral wildflowers have died back to await next spring.

Enjoy these fleeting beauties but please follow these rules:

  • Stay on marked trails
  • No collecting or picking of plants, woods, stone, earth, or animals