Garden Plots still Available for 2019: No Charge after Sept. 1

Garden plots in University Apartments' Eagle Heights gardens.

Would you like to have a garden plot at the Eagle Heights or University Houses Gardens? If you’re interested, you don’t have to wait for spring before you start gardening. Starting Sept. 1, you can get a garden plot for free. It’s only for the rest of this season until it gets cold in late November or early December. But if you get a plot now, you can still plant a few crops this year, such as lettuce, root crops, and greens. Then you can prepare your garden for planting in the spring.

If you get a plot now, you will be a returning gardener for 2020, and you’ll have priority if you want to renew the plot. Most of the plots we have now are weedy, so be prepared to do some work to clear the weeds. But fall is a pleasant time to work outside in Wisconsin. Besides, if you want to grow garlic, this is the best time of year to plant it. Contact for more information.