Now Offering Applegate Great Organic Blend Burger

Applegate Farms Great Organic Blend Burger

Who knew that sustainable food could taste so good!

Imagine a thick, juicy burger that’s a little bit leaner and good for the planet.  That’s the idea behind our newest burger. We are proud to offer Applegate’s Organic Blend Burger in all our dining markets.

The idea is simple, swap 25 percent of the beef for finely chopped mushrooms. It’s better for you and the planet (as raising animals requires a lot of resources), and it still tastes great! For those of you who may not be big mushroom lovers, don’t worry! The mushrooms practically disappear into the mix, and leave behind a delicious meaty flavor and texture. The burgers are made with three simple ingredients: 100% grass-feed organic beef, organic mushrooms (from a family owned-farm in Pennsylvania), and organic rosemary extract. So stop into our dining markets and try one today!